Do you wake up early Monday mornings with burning legal questions? If so, tune in to my radio segment entitled “Marshall Law” on the radio at WDAD 1450-AM. The show airs every other Monday morning at 7:45 during the “Indiana in the Morning” show with host Todd Marino. For each live show, Todd and I spend a few minutes discussing a different legal topic. Past shows have centered on estate planning, probate, residential real estate transactions, and child custody.

This week I talked a little bit about domestic violence and Protection from Abuse orders. We discussed the requirements for filing a PFA in Pennsylvania, how it can protect you, and what the consequences are for both the victim and the alleged abuser in the event a PFA Order is entered. We also touched on the fact that only relatives, spouses, and “intimate partners” may file PFA petitions against one another – PFAs generally don’t apply between neighbors, strangers, or acquaintances. If you follow my Blawg, you will remember that I gave a written overview of PFAs a while back, and you can find it here.

The next installment of Marshall Law will be Monday, December 1st. If you have an idea for a topic, contact me and I will try to cover it. Of course, we take on-air questions during the show, so feel free to call. 

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