Protection From Abuse

A Pennsylvania Court can issue a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order if a person has been physically abused or put in fear of physical abuse by a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a household member. A PFA Order is a powerful tool in preventing domestic violence; however, a wrongfully filed PFA can have severe and unjust consequences, such as separation from children, eviction, and forfeiture of firearms.

If you have been the victim actual or threatened domestic violence, I will:

  • Help you file an emergency or temporary PFA petition to keep your abuser away immediately
  • Have the abuser removed from your home
  • Help you obtain a PFA "stay away" order that will prohibit your abuser from contacting you in any way for up to three years
  • Help you obtain temporary custody of your children

If a PFA case has been wrongfully filed against you, I will:

  • Represent your interests at the PFA hearing, and make sure that the Plaintiff is forced to prove their case.
  • Help keep you in your home
  • Help you maintain custody or visitation with your children
  • Help you retain firearms or other weapons that you lawfully own or possess

What if I am a victim of sexual abuse?

The Pennsylvania Protection from Sexual Violence and Intimidation (PSVI) Act allows adults or minors who are victims of sexual violence, harassment, or stalking to obtain protection orders against the perpetrator - even if they are not a member of their household or family.

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