Our Fees

Our office strives to provide quality service at a fair price. However, is difficult to estimate your bill before meeting with you and reviewing your situation. This is why Mr. Chriswell offers free or discounted consultations for most types of cases.

Please keep in mind the prices and rates below are not "quotes," they are merely guidelines based on past experiences. Each case is different, and fees can vary widely. Please contact us to discuss your case further.

  • There is no charge for your initial consultation. At that time, Mr. Chriswell will obtain pertinent information and review various estate planning options with you. This meeting typically takes 30 minutes.
  • At the initial consultation, Mr. Chriswell will generally quote a flat fee for your estate plan. Mr. Chriswell's general estate planning services are approximately $100-$200 for a single form; $400 for an individual will package, and $750 for married couple will package.
  • A will package includes a simple will (i.e., no trust provisions or other complexities), financial power of attorney, living will, and healthcare power of attorney.
  • More complex estates will require an hourly rate, rather than a flat fee. Mr. Chriswell's hourly rate is $170.
  • Fees can vary widely. Depending on the size and structure of the estate, clients may require additional documents and services, such as the drafting of trusts and the transferring of assets.
As with all matters, Mr. Chriswell's fees for residential real estate matters will vary depending on the amount of time he actually dedicates to the matter. Assuming your transaction is for a single parcel of real estate, and there are no issues that require additional time or litigation (such as lack of good title, lack of legal access to the property, subdivision requirements, price negotiations, etc.), then you can expect Mr. Chriswell's fees to fall within the following ranges:
  • For buyers: $550-$1,000
  • For sellers (deed preparation and document review): $200-$400
As with all matters, Mr. Chriswell's fees for small business formation will vary depending on the amount of time he actually dedicates to the matter. For the formation of a small business, clients can generally expect to pay $500-$800, plus fees charged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (if necessary) for registering the business entity. Again, these fees can vary widely. Some clients will require additional documents, such as leases, deeds, buy-sell agreements, and service contracts. Mr. Chriswell can often quote a flat fee for these documents as well.

For divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law disputes, Mr. Chriswell charges a rate of $150 per hour for cases in Indiana County and $170 per hour for cases in other counties.

For uncontested divorces or uncontested adoption cases (including the termination of parental rights), Mr. Chriswell will often quote a flat fee.

Mr. Chriswell provides many services, including contract review, contract drafting, providing legal opinions, and litigation. For these services, Mr. Chriswell charges $170 per hour.

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