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Protection From Abuse

A Pennsylvania Court can issue a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order if a person has been physically abused or put in fear of physical abuse by a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a household member. A PFA Order is a powerful tool in preventing domestic violence; however, a wrongfully filed PFA can have severe and unjust consequences, such as separation from children, eviction, and forfeiture of firearms.

If you have been the victim actual or threatened domestic violence, I will:

  • Help you file an emergency or temporary PFA petition to keep your abuser away immediately
  • Have the abuser removed from your home
  • Help you obtain a PFA “stay away” order that will prohibit your abuser from contacting you in any way for up to three years
  • Help you obtain temporary custody of your children


If a PFA case has been wrongfully filed against you, I will:

  • Represent your interests at the PFA hearing, and make sure that the Plaintiff is forced to prove their case.
  • Help keep you in your home
  • Help you maintain custody or visitation with your children
  • Help you retain firearms or other weapons that you lawfully own or possess